Q: What does ABD recycle?
A: We recycle all ready to drink beverage containers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as all non-refundable mixed containers.

Q: Are there any set-up fees or up-front costs?
A: There are no set-up fees and no up-front costs.

Q: How much volume do we need to produce in order to get service?
A: Minimum of 500 units per month is pretty standard for refundable containers. The minimum for mixed containers is two carts bi-weekly.

Q: How much space do I need for service?
A: We have a 2 cart minimum- cart dimensions are 23″w x 33″d x 42″h.

Q: How often will I be picked up?
A: Your volume is monitored by ABD.  Based on your volume and the size of your location an appropriate weekly schedule will be set.


Q: An ABD driver came by but didn’t take all of my product…why not?
A: For economic and environmental reasons our drivers are instructed to try and take only carts that are full. If product is left behind it has been calculated that you will make it to your next scheduled pickup without overflowing.  Please continue to fill your partially filled cart(s) so that it is full for your next pickup.

Q: We need a pick-up, our carts are full.
A: Chances are we are scheduled to pick you up today. You may either call our office or e-mail us at pick-up@abdsolutions.ca

Q: We are hosting an event or expect a surge in volume, what should we do?
A: In order to insure that your service continues to be smooth and uninterrupted call us or e-mail at pick-up@abdsolutions.ca and we will schedule extra pick-up(s). Please provide details of your event date and expected volume percentage increase.


Q: We lost or broke our key.
A: Call our office and we will have a new key delivered within 24 hours.

Q: We can’t access our lock-up because of (broken lock, damage, etc.)
A: Call our office and one of our technicians will be dispatched within 24 hours.

Q: Our lock is frozen shut, what should we do?
A: Pour a jug of hot or boiling water over the lock and handle. This will usually free up the lock. If this doesn’t work call our office and one of our technicians will be dispatched within 24 hours.